Pads and armrests

  • Set (n.2) bearings


    The set of pads (made by Postural Service) is one of the most used accessories. Consisting of a cervical pad and a lumbar pad, the set is available in the classic color range: blue, red, green. The features and shape of the curve were designed to perform various functions. Where the lumbar spine has become rectified (predisposing to certain spinal pathologies - discopathies, protrusions, herniated discs - etc.), the cushion is used to progressively restore the physiological curve.

  • Travel lumbar pad


    The travel lumbar cushion (designed and created by Postural Service) is designed to give relief to the spine and reduce tiredness and pain.

    And... much more. Equipped with a physiological radius curve relating to the lumbar spine, it can be used in different ways and areas, depending on needs.

    Its purpose is to provide support to the back in times of need, tiredness, overload and pain. It takes the name of "travel lumbar", as it was originally created to be fastened at the waist and to follow the person in various activities, in sport, in the gym, in the car. In fact, its comfortable strap with three rings for fastening makes it so that it can also be used comfortably on the chair at home or at the desk.

  • Set (n.2) armrests


    Pair of armrests (made by Postural Service), essential when you intend to treat the transverse chain.

    The aim is to have the height of the arms at the same level as the trunk when the patient is lying on the ground; in this way it is possible to respect the joint physiology by avoiding the creation of infrascapular compensations. Available in classic colors: red, green and blue.

    The photos show the correct use of the armrests for the treatment of the transverse chain.

    ATTENTION: due to the size of the package, additional transport costs apply.

  • Set (n.3) shims


    High consistency polyurethane foam pads (made by Postural Service). Created in the most suitable size for use, these accessories can have various functions. Based on the patient's condition, the condition of the neck and the chewing surface in relation to the support surface, the thicknesses can be added, decreased or eliminated.

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    Face pillow


    Excellent accessory for treating the patient in the prone position.

    It allows you to keep your head correctly aligned, to avoid neck pain, to be able to breathe comfortably and to remain in this position for a long time.

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    Pancafit-Back® (patented and created by Postural Service) is defined as the "back saver" within reach of your bag, as it deflates, does not take up space, fits anywhere, and is always with you.

    Very practical to use, made in three compartments, with three different curves, with interchangeable pressure and variable curves depending on the person, weight and need.