Star Balls

  • Set (n.3) star-balls


    This set (designed by Prof. Raggi, created by Postural Service) is one of the most familiar and successful accessories. Its easy and immediate use and the resulting results make these accessories true stars.

    The set consists of two single and two combined star-balls, fused together for a third of their surface. Built with particular material with "very high memory" and "dynamic response", they always slowly return to their original shape.

  • Set (n.2) hemispheres


    The hemispheres (made by Postural Service) are composed of a particular mixture which gives them a very high dynamic response memory. This particularity makes them a unique and versatile product, to be used as a mechanical and proprioceptive stimulus in various areas of the body.

    The hemispheres can be used in the treatment of falling metatarsal heads. Together with the trapezoidal slat, they serve as a proprioceptive stimulus and as a push against the metatarsal heads (see photos 1-2). The decompensated posture assumed on Pancafit allows you to act on the muscle chains and not on individual effects, amplifying the results.