Pancafit® accessories

Accessories for professional activity with Pancafit®

  • Big toe band


    Inextensible band with Velcro for hallux valgus (made by Postural Service).

    Created to treat hallux valgus while the patient is in a global decompensated posture on Pancafit® in order to act on the muscle chains, mainly responsible for this condition (see photo 1). The action of the big toe band is particularly effective provided that the muscle chains are adequately stressed in accordance with this method.

  • Hip band


    Hip band (made by Postural Service) in very resistant, non-deformable and at the same time soft material as it is padded.

    It arises from the need to carry out complex treatments for compressive, damaging, necrotic, dysplastic and arthritic processes of the hips. Its effectiveness is surprising if used according to the criteria of the complex system of muscle chains and the logic of decompensated postures.

  • Trapezoidal lath


    Trapezoidal wooden slat, colored with water-based paint, non-toxic (made by Postural Service).

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    Swinging stick


    The oscillating stick acts as a proprioceptive reference for the spine. It can therefore be used as such or to stimulate relaxation of the transversus abdominis, as a lordotic muscle, when the linea alba becomes a fixed point.


  • Short female belt


    The short female belt (produced by Postural Service is so called because it is made up of the soft part of the Velcro on both sides, called "female". Particularly suitable for robust patients or those with very strong and massive necks, the short female belt It allows for effective traction, halving the effort and wearing action of the hands and arms.

    In fact, it is sufficient to pull with the back and lean back to obtain an ergonomic and functional action (see photo 2).

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    Plumb line


    Double plumb line (produced by Postural Service) that can be positioned at different heights.

    One of the simplest and oldest tools for verifying verticalities.

    The stand is made of a heavy steel base to give stability; then made up of tubulars with telescopic insertion to have the heights necessary for the type of use.