The student/professional is allowed, subject to authorization by Postural Service:

1.1. The use of the Pancafit® and Raggi Method Pancafit – Posture Decompensate® trademark and logo for its own publications and advertising (billboards, documents, illustrations and photos), with the limits and methods indicated in the following points.

1.2. The use of the Logo and Brand on social networks, provided that such use does not mislead the consumer as to the origin and ownership of the social page/profile in question, i.e. that the consumer cannot think that the student's page/profile , and the Official Postural Service one.

1.3. Write information or descriptions of Pancafit® and Raggi Method Pancafit – Posture Decompensate® on the internet or on paper material, after evaluating and verifying the material in order to receive authorization and endorsement regarding the seriousness of the topic discussed, referring with a link to our site (or simply quoting it) and to allow greater technical in-depth analysis for the reader. Provide information on the topic covered by the course attended and characterized by the brands Pancafit® and Raggi Method Pancafit – Posture Decompensate® both in electronic and paper form, but only and exclusively following the prior verification of the materials and related authorization by Postural Service. In case of authorisation, and in order to endorse the seriousness of the topic covered by the Trainee, Postural Service, in case of authorization for the publication of the materials covered, will allow the Trainee to refer to the website for the purpose of greater technical in-depth analysis by the reader.

1.4. Use the photos depicting Pancafit® by Postural Service slr with the words "photos in use by Postural Service", whether they are used for the internet or for printed paper. You can request photographic material to be included in publications/advertising free of charge from Postural Service srl, which reserves the right to evaluate the context in which they will be used.

1.5. Publish personalized photos with Pancafit® after forwarding them to Postural Service (also via e-mail), which reserves the right to evaluate the correct use of Pancafit® in compliance with the principles of the methodology.

1.6. The student must be aware that anyone who uses the Logo and the Brand (Pancafit® and Raggi Method Pancafit – Posture Decompensate®) and produces material improperly and without specific authorization from Postural Service srl (by sending a specific request to the address ) is prosecutable and punishable according to the laws in force.

1.7. On our website the student will be able to see approved descriptive texts and images/photos, to get an idea of the type of message you would like to use to advertise your business with Pancafit. Once the material has been created (poster, brochure, website page, social post, etc. etc.), it is necessary to send the proposal to for evaluation and approval. Furthermore, upon request, the student will be sent a handbook by email for a detailed guide on the practice, contents and methods to follow for the creation and use of this material.


2.1. The Raggi® Method is a method of kinesiological, kinesitherapy, analgesic, postural nature, functional recovery, respiratory gymnastics and global decompensated muscle lengthening exercises. The trademarks currently registered to distinguish the method taught are: “Pancafit® and Raggi Method Pancafit – Posture Decompensate®. The list may be adapted to new registrations of industrial property rights. It will be the student's responsibility to verify that the words used do not constitute a registered trademark.

2.2. The Raggi Method® Professional Training courses with Pancafit® are organized exclusively by Postural Service srl and taught exclusively by Prof. Raggi and/or his collaborators (teachers of the Postural Service srl Training School). Training for the purposes of teaching and professional training to other professionals and within structures and towards other professionals is therefore not permitted, unless authorized by Postural Service srl.

2.3. The prohibition on the disclosure of Raggi Method with Pancafit for professional training purposes extends - to the operator who has attended - or is attending - a professional course Raggi Method Pancafit - Decompensated Postures® - to the Legal Representative/Owner of the structure where the professional works , as well as to the employees and collaborators of the structure itself. In reference to the above, the operator who has already attended or is attending a professional course Raggi Method Pancafit – Decompensate Postures® and the Legal Representative/Owner, also on behalf of their employees and collaborators of the facility:

  • They undertake not to disclose this methodology and its contents through unauthorized materials or training courses to other professionals or commercial companies and therefore for commercial training purposes.
  • They are aware that this methodology can be taught and transmitted to other operators in the sector or professionals only and exclusively by Postural Service srl (through professional training courses organized by Postural Service or through teachers appointed only and exclusively by Postural Service srl)
  • They are aware that all the material is protected by Copyright, therefore no dissemination of the method (or materials) either theoretically or practically to other professionals, groups of professionals or commercial companies is permitted. - They are aware that the reproduction on any medium (photographic, audio, video or paper) of material relating to the professional training courses Raggi Method Pancafit – Posture Decompensate® is categorically prohibited

2.4 For the advertising of one's professional activity with Raggi Method Pancafit, or individual sessions with Raggi Method Pancafit of a kinesiological, kinesitherapy, analgesic, postural, functional recovery, respiratory gymnastics, global decompensated muscle lengthening exercises or postural gymnastics courses of the Group (Pancafit Group), the trainee/trained professional and/or the Legal Representative/Owner of the structure where the trainee works, must scrupulously comply with the rules referred to in point 1: Protection of use of Logos, Trademarks and Photos and the relevant Vademecum.