Other accessories

  • Trapezoidal lath


    Trapezoidal wooden slat, colored with water-based paint, non-toxic (made by Postural Service).

  • Rectangular stick


    Lightweight green plywood stick painted with natural paint.

    Made in a rectangular shape so as not to roll, it provides the perception of the column and promotes its elongation.

  • Castle for Pancafit®


    The Castle (made by Postural Service) is a very useful accessory for raising Pancafit® from the ground.

    Its primary function is to help those patients who, due to motor difficulties or joint problems, are unable to bend down and go down to the ground. In this case the therapist helps the patient to sit down, lie down and finally get up once the treatment is finished.

    ATTENTION: due to the size of the package, additional transport costs apply.

    • Esaurito
    out of stock

    Foot protection hood


    The foot protection cap is supplied together with Pancafit®.

  • Finger Separator


    These "breech toe separators" arise from already existing concepts, although normally used for non-therapeutic or health purposes.

    By exploiting our ability to "transform nature" to "advantage posture and health", we have made it a new, revolutionary and therapeutic form.

    The density, height and their shape has been modified, adapted to postural needs. This new shape makes these toe separators two "little giants".

    The kit consists of two types of "therapeutic densities", represented by two colors .