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    U-shaped support


    The “U” support (made by Postural Service) is a particular double telescope structure.

    Fundamental for performing self-stretching exercises while seated, respecting personal limits, and easily adjustable in 5 positions.

    The "U" shaped support is placed under the leg side, i.e. the longest side of Pancafit®, and can accommodate any weight and body structure. At the base it fits into the first two holes and at the top it fits onto the iron tube.

  • Small wooden stool


    Ergonomic stool (made by Postural Service). Its shape, size and inclination make it an essential accessory for the therapist's ergonomics.

    Its shape makes it indispensable especially for the treatment of the diaphragm.

    ATTENTION: due to the size of the package, additional transport costs apply.

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    Swinging stick


    The oscillating stick acts as a proprioceptive reference for the spine. It can therefore be used as such or to stimulate relaxation of the transversus abdominis, as a lordotic muscle, when the linea alba becomes a fixed point.


  • Rectangular stick


    Lightweight green plywood stick painted with natural paint.

    Made in a rectangular shape so as not to roll, it provides the perception of the column and promotes its elongation.

  • Trapezoidal lath


    Trapezoidal wooden slat, colored with water-based paint, non-toxic (made by Postural Service).

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    Large ergonomic stool


    Large stool (made by Postural Service) equipped with telescopic legs adjustable to three heights.

    Of great use for the therapist, it is ergonomic in shape and inclination and foldable.

    Useful in many postural treatments, supporting both the patient and the therapist. Even in the closed chain postural quadrupedia, the large stool allows you to modulate the tensions of the muscle chains adequately thanks to its adjustable height.

    ATTENTION: due to the size of the package, additional transport costs apply.

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    Plumb line


    Double plumb line (produced by Postural Service) that can be positioned at different heights.

    One of the simplest and oldest tools for verifying verticalities.

    The stand is made of a heavy steel base to give stability; then made up of tubulars with telescopic insertion to have the heights necessary for the type of use.