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Trapezoidal lath

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Trapezoidal wooden slat, colored with water-based paint, non-toxic (made by Postural Service).



Politiche per le spedizioni


Politiche per i resi merce

Its shape is intended to prevent the leg lock band from slipping into an ineffective position.

It can have proprioceptive action for feet and toes. Useful for creating postural rebalancing actions in semi-closed and closed chains.

Directions for use:

  1. bring your feet together and pass the belt under the Achilles tendon with the part of the Velcro that "scratches" (male Velcro) facing outwards (see photo 1).
  2. Then first pass the male Velcro part over the tibia, crossing the female Velcro part (the soft part) over it, so as to have the malleoli touching without hurting (see photo 2).
  3. At this point, pass the two edges behind the slat, making your feet pronate so that the soles adhere well to the slat (see photo 3). In this way, the compensatory "escape route" of the feet is reduced. It should not be eliminated completely for technical reasons that the professional trained at our school will know well.

Now, in posture on Pancafit®, you are ready to perform numerous exercises.


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